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Your publications contain a considerable amount of information and the fruit of your labors - which is why their translations deserve to be free of errors. Being able to publish your findings and scientific contributions in different foreign languages is a huge advantage. This makes it easier for you to exchange information with your colleagues at international meetings and conferences. Even getting only your abstract translated into more than one European language will be a huge step towards successfully disseminating your results.

The quality of your work deserves to be protected and maintained by a professional translation. Because not everybody is familiar with the requisite technical terminology typically used in scientific works as a matter of course. It is crucial to translate these terms correctly to prevent the content of your publication from being distorted by an incorrect translation. That is why your project will be assigned a translator well versed in your field of expertise and therefore able to correctly translate any technical terms and lines of reasoning into the requested target language.

Should you have any further questions about translations of publications, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to help. Please feel free to call us during our office hours at +49 (0)941 87806 or simply address your e-mail message atue@atue-uebersetzungen.de.

Do you need a translation?
Send us your documents and which languages you need and we will provide you with a quote by the next business day.
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