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About us

Translations are your business card.

Has it ever occurred to you that a translation is often the first thing a prospective customer abroad will read about your company? And have you also ever thought about what would happen if the written production were a "mistranslation", i.e. an unprofessional translation? Misunderstandings may nip a budding business relationship right in the bud!

You might therefore be well-advised not to leave your texts to a "word generator" but have them translated exclusively by native speakers instead. This way you can rest assured that your company will be presented in the best possible light even abroad.

Whether it‘s a homepage, a commercial quotation, or brochure or catalog, or an operating manual you need translated – by commissioning a translation from ATÜ you are opting for professional expertise, politeness towards your customers, and exemplary international business manners. And you are one step closer to successful business contacts.

Quality applies to all languages.

Entrust your translations to a professional agency employing experienced native speakers professionally trained to skillfully convey your texts into a foreign language and subject the finished translations to a series of checks. We at ATÜ first give every translation for proofreading to an independent editor; this step is followed by an additional quality check, the so-called completeness check. Only after completion of all these quality checks are the finished projects sent out to you.

What should I spend on a translation?

Simply mail or fax us your original text and we respond immediately with a quotation taking into account any repetitions existing in the text. Repetitions may occur in individual texts or in follow-up texts to projects previously translated for you, allowing us to take into account any text passages already existing in our text databases which we specifically generate for every customer.

How are our translations done?

We work with the latest state-of-the-art CAT tools. Every file will be returned to you correctly translated and perfectly formatted. And if you have any suggestions or require adjustments or have specific terminology requests, we’ll be happy to customize your translation to perfectly meet your specifications.

We’ll be delighted to serve as your ”mouthpiece“ international communication!

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